Academic Awards 2013-2014

2013-2014 is another challenging academic year for S.I.S.S kids who burned the midnight oil doing their homework, projects, and studying for the exams. Their diligence and hard-work paid off.  Here are this year’s academic awards.







Year 1





Year 2

year 2




Year 4





Year 5





Year 6






Keep up the good work.
















S.I.S.S Honours Day 2014

Congratulations to all the kids of Sunshine International School of Songkhla for a successful academic year 2013-2014.




As a tradition, the school held its annual Honours Day featuring the “Stone Soup” Musical play to celebrate the kids hard-work and achievements.  It was held at the Rajamangala Beach Pavilion Hotel grand Ballroom.


The event started with a welcome speech from the school’s head master, Mr. Matthew Paterson.  It was followed by an inspirational talk from the vice-mayor of the City of Songkhla, Thailand, Mr. Jirakrit Jiranukrom.


The Graduates for academic year 2013-2014 were presented thereafter. This was followed by the giving of academic awards to all year levels.  Then, the kids treated the audience with different dance presentations that they have learnt from their Dance and Music classes.  The culminating part of the event was the “Stone Soup” Musical play by kids from Year 2,4,5, and 6.



Details of this momentous event will be shared in upcoming posts.

Drinking Water Policy




This policy outlines the School’s responsibility to provide adequate and appropriate drinking water facilities to pupils, and staff, and its responsibility to ensure that strict water drinking practices are in place to reduce the risk of spread sickness and infection.

The Headmaster is responsible for health of SISS employees and anyone else on the premises. This includes the teachers, non-teaching staff, pupils and visitors (including contractors).

Parental responsibility

Parents and legal guardians are responsible for ensuring that their children bring to school on a daily basis a clean and suitable water bottle for the sole use of drinking water.

School responsibility

Class teachers and all school staff are responsible for ensuring children have adequate time to fill their personal water bottles at regular intervals during the school day. Class teachers are also responsible for ensuring pupils have access to their water bottles at appropriate and regular times during the school day.

Purchase of water bottles at school

Pupils who persistently come to school without a water bottle will be sent to the school’s office where they will be provided with a new one by the school. Parents will be invoiced for the issue of the water bottle.

Parental support

Support and understanding from parents with regards to this policy is essential in ensuring we, as a school, have the ability to reduce the risk of the spread of germs and infectious illnesses within the school.

General Manager

The General Manager is point of contact for any parents or members of staff who have any concerns about the school drinking water policy.


Updated- June 2014 by Principal


If you want to print this, please click the link below.


Food Revolution Day

On Friday 16th May students from Sunshine International School took part in Food Revolution Day (FRD). The global event is organized by Jamie Oliver and through participation, children learnt about the importance of a balanced diet, nutrition, global citizenship and sustainability.

FRD is an annual event and is about celebrating the importance of cooking good food from scratch and raising awareness of how it impacts our health and happiness – we believe that everyone should know about food and it starts with getting kids food smart, making cooking fun and inspiring a love of food that will last a lifetime.

The children enjoyed their kitchen experience. The children from nursery made chopped salad and tuna wraps, whilst students from Year 2-6 cooked lunch for the whole school (a delicious spaghetti bolognaise).

We hope the children have gained some new skills and interests and will put these to good use in the future.

Follow the link to find out more about Food Revolution Day


Year 7 @ SISS

Education is the one important tool you could ever have in riding the high and low waves of life.  This is the only true wealth that could never be taken away from you.  Sunshine International School of Songkhla recognises this vital importance, and will continue its mission of delivering quality education to the “hope of the future”, our youngsters.



Come September 2014! S.I.S.S is going to open Year 7; academic year 2014 – 2015.



For inquiries, please give us a ring at 074-800656, or a drop a word at  You may visit the school’s page Sunshine International School of Songkhla




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Happy Divali 

The family is the basic unit of the society. Before any kid, functions and becomes productive in the bigger world he/she has to feel secure and loved by the family. Knowing this, the school wants to strengthen this bond.The school as the child’s second family and home, also play a very important role in shaping the a child in all facets of development.

Having these in mind, the school organised the “Family Sports Day 2014″ on March 14, 2014 at the U-Arena Stadium. Ten different fun, friendly, and family-oriented games were played by all- kids, parents, and teachers together. The activity’s aim of strengthening bonds among family members, between students and teachers, between teachers and parents, and among the students themselves was definitely achieved. Students learned to listen and cooperate with fellow members as they strove to win each game. The school’s camaraderie is definitely stronger than ever.

To have a peek of what happened please click the link below.


Family Sports Day 2014 Grand Winner


The Blue Team






Congratulations guys for a job well done!

See you again next year.

Re: Family Sports Day


Dear parents/ guardians

We are delighted to announce that it is getting to that time of the year again where the annual S.I.S.S Sports Day will be taking place.

The date we have set for this activity is 14.03.2014 and it will be held at the U-Arena Stadium in Songkhla. The day will commence at 9.00 am and finish at approximately 12 pm.

As before, it will be a family day with parent participation welcomed in many of the events.

We really hope that you can join us to make it a great day for the students.

Kind regards

Matt Paterson

Head of S.I.S.S

เรียน ท่านผู้ปกครอง

เนื่องในวันที่ 14 มีนาคม พ.ศ. 2557  ทางโรงเรียนได้จัดให้มีกิจกรรม งานกีฬา ครอบครัวสัมพันธ์  ขึ้น ณ สนามกีฬา U-Arena ตรงข้าม โรงเรียนดาวนายร้อย  โดยกิจกรรมจะเริ่มตั้งแต่เวลา 9.00 น. –  12.00 น.

ทางโรงเรียนหวังเป็นอย่างยิ่งว่า ท่านผู้ปกครองจะสามารถเข้าร่วมกิจกรรมได้ในวันเวลาและสถานที่ ดังกล่าว


นายแมทริว     แพ็ตเตอร์สัน

Program of events


8.40 – Arrive at U-Arena Stadium

9.00 – Introduction

9.05 – Warm up (whole school with music)

9.15 – S.I.S.S cheer (D & T group)

9.20 – Sports Day commences

12 Noon – Points tally and prize giving



There will be 3 teams on the day. The winning team in each race will receive 3 points. Second place will be awarded 2 points and third will receive 1 point.

The games are as follows:

1) Sprint Relay – (8 children – older)

2) Bean Bag Relay (4 – younger)

3) Basketball Dribble (6 older)

4) Egg and Spoon Race (6 older)

5) Sack Race (4 older, 2 younger)

6) 3-Legged Race (All)

7) Football Throw (All)

8) 3 Pit Scramble (All)

9) T-Shirt Relay (5 children)

10) Parents and Teachers relay (equal teams)


Team List

Blue Team

  1. Bam
  2. Kat
  3. Khaliq
  4. Nazrin
  5. Marsya
  6. Phudsa
  7. Summer
  8. Oliver
  9. Zikri
  10. Tarn
  11. Tata

Green Team

1.     Ming

2.    Long

3.   Sonny

4.   Pham

5.   Kwankow

6.   Farisha

7.   Sunshine

8.   Shalom

9.   Tan

10.  Ana

11.  Katy

12.  Kongkwan

Gray Team

1.            Shafiq

2.            Anis

3.            Shukran

4.            Rafi

5.            Donut

6.            Domee

7.            Lookkeaw

8.            Wafy

9.            Sammy

10.          Cream

11.          I-Tim

**Kindly take note of your child’s team and we recommend that everyone wear the corresponding colour of shirt for your team.

U-Arena Stadium Map